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Pro 4060

Available in both Binaural and Trinaural version

The Pro 4060 is a binaural dummy head microphone, designed with the professional sound recordist in mind. We have chosen the very best materials, and carefully designed features that will make this a tool that can be trusted to deliver.


Using capsules from DPA Microphones, chosen for their long history of reliability in professional situations, ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions and sound signature. The Pro 4060 has a relatively high SPL and excellent dynamic range, making it the perfect choice for use in our Pro head.

Internal electronics ensure that the capsules are fed the perfect voltage for optimum performance, with everything fully shielded from RFI, EMI.


The head shell is dampened internally to minimise structural borne resonances and covered in a layer of felted wool, to further minimise reflected sounds and mimic human skin. 

The base is made from Dupont Corian, a mineral-rich resin, and contains the XLR outputs by Neutrik. There is a metal 1/4" 20 (standard tripod) thread which enables the mic to be used with a wide variety of stand options. The base material was chosen for its low resonance, resistance to chemicals, waterproofness and proven longevity. The base is isolated from the main head using 'rubber  nuts' and a felted wool gasket. This further attenuates any unwanted vibrations from entering the recording chain.

The ears are custom made for us, from high grade silicone and are an accurate replica of a real pair of human ears. Be warned, it seems no one can resist playing with them.

Both of our binaural head mics can be supplied with 2 or 3 capsules. The 2 capsule version is pure binaural and will reward you with an accurate and immersive recording, where sounds from all angles are recorded with the same volume as a human would hear it. 

The 3 capsule version (we call Trinaural) employs an additional centre mic, placed between the ears (where the third eye appears in Indian philosophy). This capsule is mono and identical to the capsules used in the ears, offering several additional options:

  • Similar to Mid/Side recording, the centre channel can be added or subtracted in post, to vary the apparent width of the soundstage (but without the decoding needed for MS). 

  • Recordings including the centre channel have a richer density to them, trading absolute soundstage accuracy for a centre weighted 'feel' best suiting for recording smaller groups, intimate sounds or single instruments. 

  • A mono versions of the same recording can be gathered simultaneously, meaning that a sound designer/client can have both mono and binaural files to play with.

  • Being the same capsule but without the ears, means that a reference recording is produced for comparison later, in post, when eq is required to 'take out' one set of ears from the recording.

  • Being an independent channel, it's not baked-in to the recording, so it's your choice to include it or not - it's always nice to have the option.

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