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Artist 272

Available in both Binaural and Trinaural version

The Artist 272 is a binaural dummy head microphone, designed to meet the needs of sound artists, content creators, musicians and creatives...

We are offering an exceptionally high quality binaural microphone at a market level that anyone who is serious about sound can afford. Our considered opinion is that binaural is not mainstream and has historically been used by only the most dedicated professionals, due to high purchase costs and lack of market choice, and it's this we are working to address.

Meet the Inari Audio Artist. It's a fully fledged binaural mic, capable of creating recordings that are so life-like that the listener becomes totally immersed. Whether you are an experimental sound designer, a content creator, 360 game developer or looking to invest in a mic for capturing nature ambience, we have got you covered. 

Offered in gloss white, gloss black, matt black pictured here (with an additional option to have your mic hydro-dipped in a choice of finishes: carbon fibre, metal look, Real-Tree camo) - contact us direct for options and pricing), we have tried to make a mic that appeals to your tastes.

Not skimping on the important part - the sound quality. The Artist model uses a matched pair of Japanese-made capsules that offers an exceptionally clear sound, low self-noise and high signal to noise ratio. This means that the mic can find uses in anything from recording a live performance to quiet nature sounds, and everything in between. We have even begun making waves the ASMR world.

Internal electronics ensure that capsules are fed the optimum voltage for best performance. The mic requires 48V phantom power - the industry standard provided by almost every portable field recorder, audio interface or console. 

All connectors are professional grade from Neutrik and the internal cabling is made by Mogami. All electronics are fully shielded from RFI, EMI.

Both of our binaural mics can be offered with 2 or 3 capsule options. 2 capsules gives pure, accurate binaural sound recordings, while the 3 capsule version offers additional creative options. See the Pro version for more details.

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