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Windshield & suspension

The 'Stealth' windshield, is an invaluable bit if kit for any recording situation outside, on location where you are likely to encounter some wind turbulence. 

Constructed around a light-weight metal frame, it is made to last. Covered in acoustically transparent cloth it has absolute minimal affect on high frequencies and works so well we didn't feel the need to cover it in fur. 


Internally it has elastic shock cord suspension that sits on the crown of the mic's head. Both of our mics allow for metal thumbscrews (included) to hook on to the cord, to ensure it stays in place. The elastic isolates it from the head, so wind vibration doesn't travel to the capsules. The whole thing cinches closed at the bottom, with more elastic cord, creating a stable hold.

Note: We notice that when using the naked head mic in public, it attracts a lot of positive attention. We call this cover the Stealth, because it lowers your mic's public profile and lets you get on with recording undisturbed.

Protective case

Sometimes you need to transport you precious mic and protect it from the bumps and knocks of the journey. Finding the right size case can be time consuming, so we did it for you. 

Reinforced corners, strong handle and roadie style butterfly clasp. The internal foam is ready shaped for a perfect fit and the box is generous enough to allow you to add in a few more accessories - I always chuck in a few sachets of silica crystals too.

Carry handle

For when you want to fly your binaural head mic to gather some dynamic action. Or just makes it more convenient to hold and get in and out of the case or on and off tripods/mic stands.

Made from soft leather and sized to fit the thumbscrews (included). No metal against metal parts to rattle, quiet in use.

Simple and effective.

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