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Martin Prothero

Inari Audio is the brainchild of Martin Prothero. Based in the UK, and working as a professional artist, Martin has worked creatively with sound for over 15 years. His varied skillset: artist, musician, precision engineer and keen naturalist, has combined to create unique products that serve professionals in the audio industry, film-makers, musicians as well as experimental artists and naturalists. 

A convert of the binaural recording technique, from his days hand-making high-end hifi components, to meet the needs of discerning audio enthusiasts. He still recalls realising that at some level, no matter how good our playback equipment, we are limited by the quality of the original recording. When asked why binaural he replied "binaural is the most under-rated recording technique. What it offers is superior to any other stereo set-up, producing recordings that excel in immersing the listener in a believable audio environment" 

Martin is responding to a call for more hardware to make binaural recordings accessible, as well as serving his own passion for creating immersive nature ambience recordings.

In the development process Martin created numerous prototypes, and asked fellow professionals for their feedback, constantly updating the design until finally settling on the 2 initially offered. Apparently there is a 3rd in the R&D stage, so watch this space...

Each product is hand-made in a dedicated studio space, in Dartmoor National Park, southern England. The heads and bases are manufactured in the UK, along with the custom electronics and hand-stitched mic coverings. The capsules are sourced from Japan and Denmark. Connectors are from Liechtenstein, so the footprint is minimal in comparison to other electrical hardware.

There is currently a 4 week lead time from order to shipment. Payment will be taken in full at point of sale. All products can be shipped worldwide. Please make contact to discuss international shipping costs if outside of the UK.

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