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Inari Audio Pro front web.jpg

The Pro 4060 is a binaural head microphone, designed with the professional sound recordist in mind, to the highest standards...

Inari Audio Artist front 2 web.jpg

The Artist 172 is a binaural head microphone, designed to meet the needs of sound artists, content creators, musicians and creatives...

Inari Audio binaural mic windshield web.

Here at Inari Audio we use our mics daily, so we have designed some important accessories specifically to compliment our microphones...


DPA 4060 Cores available

From now on we will be offering the PRO 4060 mic with DPA's new 4060 Core version capsules. There is no price change. If you still would prefer the original (now called legacy) capsules, please email us to confirm when ordering. 

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